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Gawminers provides altcoin scrypt miners at low prices with free same-day shipping & unbeatable customer service including 247 phone and tech support. It sells so fast that sometimes they have to turn it off from the offer, so if you visit site and itsn ot there just try in 2-3 days again.

See gaw miners fury mods - power supply and gaw miners fury mods - cooling for more information on those mods. People who actually used their ping-pong tables for ping-pong through the years.

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1) youll need to use the cgminer provided by gawminers or zeus (the gaw fury and zeus blizzard are the same) 2) yes, such drivers. The zeusminer blizzard scrypt asic also available as the gawminers fury is a nice little device that comes at a really attractive price for the hashrate it offers.

The small zeusminer blizzard miners, also available by gawminers as the fury, are great choice for the average miner that does want to be able to mine scrypt crypto coins, but not with a gpu.

Users can roll their own raspberry pi setups or control the miners with windows or linux based pcs. Current fury orders do not come with zencontrollers, but they can be purchased separately.

Gawminers fury 1,3 mhs asic scrypt review, setup guide.

Funding blockchain research white. The power supply will be hotter than the fury, but neither too hot to handle.

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Volt modding the fury almost certainly requires upgrading the cooling system and power supply. Gawminers fury 1,3 mhs asic scrypt review, setup guide and unboxing.