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Tutti i nodi della rete contribuiscono alla ricerca di tale soluzione e quando uno di questi la riscontra, annuncia al resto della rete lavvenuta scoperta e rivendica la proprietà del nuovo gruppo di bitcoin (ad oggi 25 e per 4 anni).

Multipool - a bitcoin, litecoin, and altcoin mining pool.

Gruppi di utenti associati al mining si definiscono mining pool.

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Fireflycoin - simplified easy solo mining for 97 the reward.

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If you provide your fireflycoin address as the username you will recieve 97 the reward for each block you find.

Gamecredits mining pool - home.

Pw remains current and up to date with popular crypto coins we have now introduced a 60 day idle rule on all of our mining pools.

With protoshares there are just a few pools available where you can mine and the different pools have their own clients as they use different protocols, though there are some clients that can support multiple pools as well.

This means if a mining pool has not located a confirmed block in the last 60 days (or more) the mining pool will be closed and a new coinmining pool will be introduced to take its place.