Reddit ceo yishan

Yishan wong on his new role as reddit ceo back in september of 2011, reddit was pushed out of the nest, leaving condé nast and striking out on its own - sort of. Ceo of 500m website reddit says he is worn out as he quits the company over disagreement with the board yishan wong resigned from the online noticeboard over disagreement about office space.

Iam yishan wong, the reddit ceo iama.

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Reddit ceo yishan

I know it sounds somewhat unbelievable because its so weird, but if it were made up, i think any pr person would have come up with a better made-up story. Yishan wong leaves community-curated news site after disagreement over location and cost of new office space, the company says.

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What it means is that i want reddit to be good enough and useful enough that enough redditors find it worthwhile to give us money. Solely dedicated to get this site to its former glory, back when redditceo was in charge and yishan worked at burger king.

Reddit ceo yishan

Former reddit ceo yishan wong is having a goddamn ball this week, bouncing around announcement threads and spilling site secrets to his hearts content. Internet reddit ceo resigns after clashing with board over new offices.

Trent franks rescinded my internship when i wouldnt come to his house. Yishan wong (chinese pinyin hung yshn) was the ceo of reddit from march 2012 until his resignation in november 2014.

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